Physiology - a lucrative career option

It will be seen as an attractive/lucrative career option in terms of Fame and Money.

Dr.Vivek Nalgirkar

3/10/20221 min read

I remember my years as an undergraduate student of medicine; this was more than 20 years ago. We had a professor of medicine, dr. Kudrimothi. Most of us were in the awe of his persona. His style of communication, method of teaching, the way he would examine the patients, take clinic for us - an overall grand personality that almost had an iconic status. Most of us would think of taking up post graduation in medicine and emulate him.

Cut to present day, some 20 years later. I was discussing with a professor the fate of preclinical subjects in India. The professor was arguing that the preclinical branches such as physiology are not being seen as a great career option simply because they involve only academics and salaried jobs as teachers in medical colleges. I agreed, but only partially.

Post graduate seats in physiology are going vacant for some years now. One major reason for it is that there are no role models in this field, no icons to be worshipped, no success stories to be emulated.

Coming to think of it, the Physiology branch has a huge potential to make successful careers in terms of fame, glory, and earnings. Sports fitness consulting, stress management, obesity clinic, diabetology/endocrinology, positive health clinic or lifestyle medicine clinic, aviation medicine, reproductive health clinic, and so on. Any of these can be selected by a post graduate in physiology. (There is also research and academics, UG and PG entrance lectures. Before settling into academics, which is my passion, I did explore some of the abovementioned options after completion of MD in physiology.)

It has now become a mission for me, to work in this field; to motivate students to take up this branch. There should be some role models in this field, some success stories, some footprints that can be followed. Once some of the bright minds in medicine join this branch, successful careers made, then the branch will hold out some appeal to the fresh graduates, and it will be seen as an attractive/lucrative career option in terms of fame and money.