In this fast-changing world, shifting from traditional methods practicing and learning from book to video lectures, podcasting, websites, mobile applications, collaborative learning real time applications, online consultations, algorithm-based treatments, evidence-based medicine etc. The digitization in medical sciences becomes one of the crucial requirements to keep up with the students and doctors of future. 

The expertise of a doctor in his or her own field is always superior. But when it comes to digital platforms in medical sciences many doctors and medical educators still refrain from changing their routine of traditional practices to digital or app or web-based practices. 

This can primarily due to the huge gap in the communication between and software engineer and doctor.  

To bridge this communication gap between digital world and doctors, we at VSP have come up with the team of medical persons with an acute interest and experiences in the digital technology. This would help the doctors to have someone who can understand their requirements perfectly in medical terms and can apply this information accurately to develop a customized website, apps, and all other platforms in digital world.

The initiative is taken Dr Vivek nalgirkar (MBBS, MD Physiology) has a vast experience of medical subjects and also various digital platforms. To his credit he has an app in Physiology since 2014, he has been into web-based lecture series since 2012. Also has an active presence on various social media platforms. Owing to his understanding of medical sciences and digital technology the idea of 

“Blending Digital Technology In Medical Education” is conceived.